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Undressing · Of · A · Salad

came up with this pure poetry with Michael using computer program "voice to text"

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Bonnie McMichael
Go get chatter
I'm back with a tenor
Bang bang bang

If I've ever let Bill
And I had
I got my goal
At bugs of the tainted

Were low lack laughed last

Lull this is a very brick in funny

And you start was a bank
I am wearing a minute gone
And I have wiped them
And you're all I have

I have beat of orange of Gore

A pink Gretna
Green to agreeing
To Barkley Korea
And I hope double in the backbone

And I a BNSI

Had me a Nomad
Like minute
and a hub broad debt editing

That I have big butter
The eye and lag
Bought the ticket
And I have begun to end

Had been the end
And I have been to the days
When he had to be sawed off

I've been a nil-by pleading unknown

I have been Mahoud-the buyer
Known body
When you need a no

Thank you

Stop Les Allen
As its Bob

(This isn't exactly what I said into the microphone ehe ha ehe ha)
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the microphone did all the work!
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