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Picture: The following scenario begins with a Concert, small venue, good music...When it ends,this dark-haired woman asks if I would join her invitation to the band's after party...Surprized and feeling spontaneous I accept at the moment's notice (knowing all the same I have a rendezvous shortly).

I find myself speaking with the lead singer about his poetry and mostly about his first album and notice my surroundings appear to be a lemon-white four-walled hotel suite world. There is a coffee table and a few unlit votive candles. There is one other band member there, the drummer, and the woman who brought me in is at the door of the apartment with her sharp nails on the lock. The singer continues to speak, but all I can hear is her screaming at the door to "stay back!", that "the band is sleeping". I start to hear another voice from the other side of the door, but I can't tell what he is saying (whatever it is,it is aggresive,scary).

I try to focus on what the man in front of me is saying, when I notice his palm is holding many white pills...Looking over to my right, I notice the drummer has fallen asleep and snoring on the couch behind us.

As I turn to the door, I notice the door is open and the lady is gone. I don't even look outside, I shut the door right away, chain and bolt it even...Trying to get an idea of what's going on, I turn to the musician, and shell-shocked, find the singer asleep on the chair.

The door starts to rattle. The doorknob twists and moans.
Running to secure the door, it barges open only to have the chain catch its swing-I catch a glimpse of the man on the other side of the door-Grinning leather jacket with combed and jelled-back black hair. I quickly push back the door-his force, a wild thing.

The door continues to rattle...And with the situation not yet fully contained, I am awake.
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